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We have expanded to the UK and open a new office in the midlands to cover all of the UK regions including Scotland and Ireland. We normally work with big franchise customers and Banks but we even do except small individual consultations from a small office building and shop.

With our vast experience we are capable of giving you the right advice which will be contributing to  good economical and environmental goals.

Our most concerned is the environmental impact of the Ozone Layer and Global Warming, so we see to it that Air-conditioning is used wisely and in the most efficient and economical way by helping  you choose the right quote/tender and the most advantage one  independently. 

The reason by saying this is that we are in no Partnership with any Air-conditioning Brands, we just attend every seminar  available, to continuously keep up to date with new technologies then with our experience we evaluate  in the most professional way possible.

Air-conditioning could be an expensive investment but it would be more expensive if while the work is being done it is not done professionally, so included in our services we will make sure that who is doing your installation is doing it the right way.

We do understand that Air-conditioning is becoming the heating and cooling solution of the future more and more, due to its efficiency and environmental impact wise, due to it reduces carbon dioxide emission from our local power stations, wasting less electrical consumption, much more less than traditional gas central heating. 


Our commitment to you is to make sure you have complete customer satisfaction time after time. All of our customers benefit from our support service where our highly trained engineers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration specialists
  • Controllable systems for homes, small and large businesses
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance availability through Modern Refrigeration UK 
  • A complete design, installation & 24/7 support service
  • All our units are Heat pump and varies to a Range from A Class EEA to C Class EEA
  • We guarantee to exceed your expectations

Enhanced Capital Allowance

Modern Refrigeration UK  are committed to work to your benefit and we support the latest government Enhanced Capital Allowance initiativ
e to install environmentally friendly systems.

If you require air conditioning in your commercial business you can benefit through Modern Refrigeration UK  from the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). The ECA is available on all the e
quipment supplied by us as well as our installation service.

This means that you can claim 100% tax relief on the cost of the equipment, our design service, and the installation and commissioning costs.

If you require air conditioning in your home you will benefit from paying just 5% VAT rather than 20% VAT through Modern Refrigeration UK.

These are great incentives for you to have high quality and environmentally friendly air conditioning in your home or business.

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