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How to Benefit from Air-Conditioning in a House

First let us introduce you to all the domestic Range available:

Hi Wall Units 


These Units are normally installed around 2 mtrs above floor level, They come in different sizes, different colours and designs. These are the normal domestic units that are the cheapest option of purchase, they are effective and efficient as any other Air-conditioner unit, but  because it is a max produced unit, it can be produced and supplied cheaper. These types of units do cool and heat, and the heating of all units now are all via Heat pump system. These units are fully logical to operate and are all controlled via electronic printed circuit boards and electronic sensors, to achieve the most economical and efficient way of producing Cooling & Heating.

The sizes available for these type of units are from 2.5 Kw to 8 Kw of Cooling and Heating.


Low floor type units


These units are the low floor type, a lot of people prefer these type in houses, due to they look very similar to a Radiator and they easily replace the radiators place when installed. This type of Air-Conditioner unit does have a little advantage on heating due to the heat exits to the top of the unit replacing the cold air intake from the bottom of the unit.As all Air-conditioning units these units do  cool & Heat and comes in various sizes too.

The sizes of these type of units can be found from 2.5 Kw to 16 Kw of Cooling & Heating.


Other options for Domestic solutions are Air Source Heat Pumps  



 This type of unit has an outdoor unit only that works in combination with your existing system. This system is designed by our  engineers for the specified market that are running on Oil or LPG Tanking systems. This system is called Air Source Combi Heatpump. This is the  most economical solution that works only when  heat is only needed for the sanitary hot water not for central heating, this is the future solution to save money on Oil and LPG bills. It is designed to work in combination with  your existing system that would manage to work efficiently in combination of your Oil boiler or your LPG boiler. This design has been patented and it can only be found and installed by our trained engineers, which would require an onsite survey and a specific custom made design, to suite your boiler and installation.

Low Level Units                                              




Under floor Heating and Cooling


Domestic Projects