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What Size of Air-Conditioner would you need?

The following table is an approximate idea of what Air-Conditioner size you need after you Calculate Length X Width:

Ex. A Room is 6mtr long and 3 mt wide= 18 Sq. Mt., So If it is a bedroom that you need either heating or Cooling  you will go for a 9,000Btu/hr ( 2.5Kw)

In the same example where you have  possible a lot of cold or heat coming in to a conservatory surrounded with Glass all over you will need a 18,000Btu/hr (5 Kw).

So the following table is only for a good guide what you need and how much it is going to cost you, but further we always do a detailed survey, but with the following table we found that 95% of our clients where spot on their room size calculation.


  •                         2.5Kw   Covers room sizes from 16M sq. - 21M sq.
  •                    3.5Kw   Covers room sizes from 20M sq. - 30M sq.
  •                    5.0Kw   Covers room sizes from 28M sq. - 40M sq.
  •                    7.0Kw   Covers room sizes from 40M sq. - 56M sq.
  •                    8.0Kw   Covers room sizes from 50M sq. - 68M sq.


     Please Note that Sizes are in BTU/hr(British Thermal Units) but now you can find them in KW(kilowatts), so the equivalent to BTU/hr to KW are as follows:

   9,000 Btu = 2.5Kw             12,000Btu= 3.2Kw           18,000Btu = 5.1Kw       24,000Btu = 7Kw           30,000Btu = 8.5Kw

Please note some: Not all Air conditioning Brands are calculated the same between BTU/hr & Kw.